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Manage their own health is everyone's business.
Essences are crystal vibrational substances that act as catalysts for the welfare and mental.Lithotérapie by elixirs and mineral crystals.
Therapy elixirs of minerals has been focusing on holistic foundations of Ayurveda and Chinese Energetics.

India and China are the cradles of lithothérapie.Ainsi each seon his approach found the energetic solutions for all situations.

Essences minerals from the scientific lithothérapie. The scientific approach of crystal healing involves the systematic search for every symptom, affinities between the elements do, t consist stones and crystals, and chemical molecules that make up drugs already Useful medicine against some disease.

Crystal healing is the therapeutic application of the energy emitted by the minéraux.En lithothérapie, the emitted waves can not reach the targets that are on the same page onde.La lithothérapie is devoid of danger.

Studied in recent decades by scientists who have a different spirit in the art of helping people, elixirs crystals are among the most valuable substances that nature can offer. By their wide spectrum of influence, elixirs minerals are a holistic therapy in itself by acting on the various energy body (biofield) .the chakras, meridians, and our state psycho émotionnel.Les elixirs minerals permit protect and sustain the energetic system as a whole.


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