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Crystal oils and the energy system

The meridians:
each meridian affects the physical and mental state. These can have either an energy excess or deficit. Crystal oils allow harmonization of any dysfunction. (New method of harmonization using ANSIL oils and crystal massage).
  Cristal Oils Meridians Physical problems Emotional problems
  Rock Crystal Lungs Lung diseases,asthma Lung diseases, asthma
  Chalcopyrite Stomach Digestive problems,
anorexia, tiredness.
Bulimia, stress.
  Rock Crystal Large Intestine Predisposition to diarrhea,
inflammatory problems.
Lack of independance,
  Chalcopyrite Spleen/pancreas Digestive disorders, loss of appetite. Egocentrism stubbornness,grudgebearning
  Garnet Small intestine Difficulty digesting, anemia, migraine. Melancholy,depression mental fatigue.
  Lapis-lazuli. Bladder Bladder or
prostate problems.
  Lapis-lazuli Kidney Bad circulation, lumbago. Chronic fatigue hypersentivity
  Garnet Sanjiao Lack of energy,
blood,digestive and genital-urinary problems..
Mental fatigue, lack of stimulation.
  Emerald Liver Headaches,digestion problems,hyperglycemia,liver problems, Anger excessive stubbornness tendency to intolerance.
  Garnet Governor Vessel Headaches,asthma,eczema, ENT problems. Overexcitement, depression.
  Lapis-lazuli Directing Vessel General tierdness,digestive system,genital-urynary,lungs. Depression, irresponsibility, not down to earth..

Synergy of crystal oils and elixirs
We recommend using certain elixirs and crystal oils together. The elixirs potentiate the effect of the crystal oils.
Advice for use
Shake the bottle before and after each use. On the plexuses and meridians: 1 dose Massage for 1 to 2 minutes
Presentation: crystal oils are available in 50 ml spray bottles.

The 2 essential crystal oils
To stimulate: Rock Crystal Oil
To soothe: Emerald Oil
  Crystal Oils Meridians Chakras
  Amethyst Directing Vessel 3rd eye (6)
  Chalcopyrite Spleen/pancreas, Stomach Navel(3)
  Citrine Spleen/pancreas,stomach,governor vessel Sacral(2)
  Rock Crystal Lung,Large Intestine Crown(7)
  Emerald Liver,Gall Bladder Heart(4)
  Grenat Heart,Pericardum
Meridien,Sanjiao,Small Intestine,Governor
  Lapis-lazuli Kidneys,Bladder,Directing Vessel Throat(5)

Energy balance between the crystal oils
Energy balancing consists in applying crystal oil to make the energy circulate, to harmonize the chakras and meridians, which rebalances the mind and body. This energy then dissolves the blockages in the energy system which cause many of our current or past physical and psychological problems, and can prevent disease. Energy balancing with crystal oils helps evacuate stress and deep, repressed emotions. You are advised to use rock crystal elixir in combination with crystal oils. The elixir potentiates the effect of the crystal oils.

Chakras (plexuses): each chakra relates closely to an endocrine gland. The whole body is controlled and regulated by the endocrine system. In rebalancing the plexuses, many physical and psychological problems can be much improved. (New method of harmonization using ANSIL oils and crystal massage).
  Cristal Oils Chakras Gland Physical problems Mental problems
  Garnet Root Adrenal Adrenal Muscle,kidney,
skin,blood,bone problems,Obesity.
Nervous disorders,
apathy,unrealism, emotionalism.
  Citrine Sacral Gonads Disorders of the genital-urinary system,
blood and lymph system.
Insensitivity, shyness, anxiety,
impotence, frigidity.
  Chalcopyrite Solar Pancreas Diseases of the digestive and immune system,
diabetes, obesity.
stress irritability, depression.
  Emerald heart Thymus Heart, blood,
lung,skin,immune disorders
emotional excesses,depression,
fear of love.
  Lapis-lazuli Throat Thyroid Thyroid Diseases of the ENT and digestive system
Thyroid disorders.
Difficulties in expressing oneself,
maladjustment, compulsive lying.
  Amethyst. 3rd eye Pituitary Endocrine problems,Serious diseases,
psychomotor problems.
Egocentrism,lack of concentration.
  Rock Cristal Crown Pineal gland Psychomotor problems,headaches,skin problems. Unrealism, disconnection from reality,
exaggerated mysticism.