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Using crystal oils for massage


Synergy of crystal oils and elixirs
We recommend using certain elixirs and crystal oils together.  The elixirs potentiate the effect of the crystal oils.

Advice for use
Shake the bottle before and after each use.
For massage: 1 to 2 doses according to the size of the area to be massaged.
On the plexuses and meridians: 1 dose
Massage for 1 to 2 minutes
Presentation: crystal oils are available in 50 ml spray bottles.

Crystal oils can be applied to different parts of the body.
  Physical/Psychologie activity Crystal oils Areas to massage
  Relief of stress,anxiety.for insomnia Amethyst,Emerade Around the navel,between the breasts
  Stimulation of libido  Garnet Abdomen,Lower back 
  Migraine Rock Crystal  Temples betwwen the eyebrows
  Digestive problems Chalcopyrite,Rock Cristal Abdomen
  Stimulate vital energy  Garnet,Rock cristal Soles of the feet (meridain R1),Around the navel 
  Stimulates immmune responses Rock cristal Heart plexus
  Soothes pains,activates the anti-inflammatory process Chalcopyrite,Rock cristal  the painful areas
  Skin problems Emerald,Lapis-lazuli On the exact spot
  Harmonizes blood circulation Garnet Rock  Crytals legs
  Anti-aging effect,regenerates skin Citrine Rock  Face crystal