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Anti-stress gem elixirs


Anti-stress gem elixirs

Stress is the body's emotional and biological reaction to an aggression.  This generates emotions that can destabilize our normal mental fluid, and so alter the way we behave in daily life.  Stress can be a friend (it stimulates us) or a foe (it paralyzes us). Stress causes neuroendocrine imbalances that can have a negative effect on the whole body.
You will find easy to use solutions for each cause or symptom of stress, thanks to gem elixirs.

Dosage: 21 day course of treatment. 30 drops each evening except Sundays

  Causes and symptoms of stress Gem elixirs
  Severe anxiety Green tourmaline, Aquamarine
  Anxiety, baby blues Kunzite, quartz rose
  Emotional shocks Emerald, Green tourmaline
  Unemployment Rutilated quartz, Hemimorphite
  Concentration Citrine, Rock crystal
  Disappointment in love Green tourmaline, Rhodochrosite
  Moving house Garnet
  Depression Kunzite,Green tourmaline
  Mourning Green tourmaline, Zeolite
  Difficulties at school or work Citrine, Rock crystal
  Emotiveness Rhodochrosite, Aquamarine
  Exams,job interviews Chalcopyrite, Fluorite
  Nervous fatigue Sapphire, amethyst
  Physical fatigue Magnetite, Garnet
  Constant nibbling Aquamarine, sapphire
  Irritability Labradorite, Kunzite
  Memory Citrine, Rock crystal
  Migraine Rock crystal,Magnetite
  Motivation Chalcopyrite, Garnet
  Palpitations Rhodochrosite, Kunzite
  Panic Sapphire, amazonite
  Skin (eczema, herpes, psoriasis, shingles) Hemimorphite, Malachite
  Fear of transport Amazonite, Kunzite
  Sexuality Garnet,Zircon
  Permanent stress Green tourmaline, Rhodochrosite
  Over excitement Sapphire, amethyst
  Mental fatigue Citrine, Fluorite
  Nerves before exams or public appearances Chalcopyrite, Garnet
  Shyness Garnet,Zircon
  Excessive perspiration Emerald, Rock crystal
  Digestive disorders Zeolite, Citrine
  Work Chalcopyrite, Citrine
  Melancholy Citrine, Rock crystal