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The different approaches of elixir

Crystal elixirs in traditional medicine
Crystal elixirs are vibrational remedies that have been known and used for a very long time in Indian and Chinese medicine. They have a wide range of action that gives access to the welfare of the mind and body.

Ayurvedic and Chinese energy approach
Gem elixir therapy was developed on the holistic bases of the Ayurveda and Chinese Energy. So everyone, whatever their approach, will find the right energy solution for each situation. 

Scientific research
Doctor Hiroshi Motoyama (Tokyo Research Institute), who practices the ancient holistic health methods from India and China, has proven scientifically the reality of energy circulation diagrams in both Indian models (chakras or energy centers) and the Chinese model of acupuncture meridians.

Scientific tests on 5000 people over 15 years
This research was carried out over a period of 15 years. Dr. Motoyama examined over 5000 people and certain results emerged rapidly: when a chakra is "woken", a measurable excess of energy is observed at the ends of the acupuncture meridians on the hands and feet. The conclusions of Dr. Motoyama's work confirm the scientific basis of these antique sciences.
  •  Confirmation of the existence of energy currents.
  •  Close relationship between the human psyche and physical health.
  •  Importance of vibrational methods and substances to harmonize the energy system.