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A word of explanation about lithotherapy, gem elixirs and oils
We all want to look after our health. Gem elixirs are vibratory substances that act as catalysts for our physical and mental well-being. lithotherapie par les elixirs et mineraux de cristaux

This therapy using mineral elixirs was developed based on holistic Ayurveda and Chinese Energy Medicine techniques. Lithotherapy began life in India and China. So whatever approach suits you best, you will find the right energy solutions for all situations. 

Mineral elixirs are based on scientific lithotherapy.
The scientific lithotherapy approach consists of looking carefully at the similarities between the compounds in rocks and crystals, and the chemical molecules in the drugs used in medicine for certain diseases. This is done for each symptom. 


Lithotherapy is the use of the energy emitted by minerals for healing purposes. In lithotherapy, the vibrations produced can only reach targets that are on the same wavelength. This means that there is absolutely no danger in lithotherapy. lithotherapie

Over the last few years, scientists who are prepared to try different approaches for healing have studied gem elixirs, and decided that they are some of the most precious remedies that nature has to offer. 

Gem elixirs have such a wide range of influence that they form a complete branch of holistic medicine, acting on the different energy bodies (biofields), chakras, meridians, and on our psyche and emotional state. Gem elixirs protect and strengthen the whole energy system.

Whatever your special needs, desires and expectations, you will find the right crystal and mineral elixirs for you.