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In the largest ancient civilizations, India and China, many texts already attributed to the crystalline energies therapeutic properties.
Then appear elixirs and crystal oils to enhance the energy system, ease the physical and psychological ailments.
Thus was born lithotherapy! Studied in recent decades by scientists who have a different spirit in the art of helping people, elixirs crystals are among the most valuable substances that nature can offer.
By their wide spectrum of influence, they are a holistic therapy in itself by acting on the various subtle bodies, chakras, meridians, and our psycho emotional state.
Therapy elixirs and crystal oils has been developed on holistic foundations of Ayurveda and the Chinese Energy and each in its approach will find effective solutions to harmonize the various "points" of energy used these two traditions. The crystal elixirs guide addresses specifically the use of 25 elixirs of crystals that have demonstrated their effectiveness and 7 crystal oils specially developed for the chakras and meridians. Manage their own health is everyone's business. Elixirs and crystal oils are vibratory substances that act as catalysts for physical well-being and mind.

Gemmotherapy AND ELIXIRS

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Two passionate , Claudine LUU and Sylvie CROCHET, meet here to talk about their passion : energy and its importance in health and in
They combine to make us discover in simple and graphic terms , the extraordinary synergy in the combination of vibrational energies of crystals and plants buds.

Each carrying a message from the earth and the other processors of energy from the sky.

The creation of scientifically designed complex , allow a profound effect on the body , as organic intellectual who spiritual.

ESSENTIAL lithotherapy

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A little work on the main and important minerals crystal healing crystals seemed appropriate.
To cover all the needs of our body and our mind, fifty stones are necessary and sufficient; they cover the whole range of chakras or vital minerals to our body.

Never forget that all life is nourished with minerals that exist on earth, processed or not. Before using mineral crystal healing, it is essential to have a fairly accurate knowledge.

These are the characteristics of each mineral that will make lithotherapy produce its beneficial effects for a rebalancing of energies or a therapeutic effect.

In this book, more than 50 essential minerals are listed with: Shape, chemical composition, color, hardness, electric or chemical properties. How to choose? How to wear? The basic book to start in crystal healing.