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Les 7 huiles de cristaux


23,35 €
Color: mauve, purple. 
Chemical elements: silicon,manganese. 
Meridians: kidney, bladder, heart, SanJiao.
Chakras: navel, heart chakra, 3rd eye 
Physical action: against insomnia, potentiates detoxification 
Mental action: rebalancing the nerves, addiction problems


23,35 €
Color: yellow, multicolored 
Chemical elements: copper, iron.
Meridians: spleen/pancreas, stomach, governor vessel.
Chakras: sacral, navel 
Physical action: strengthens the genital-urinary system.
Mental action: encourages self fulfilment.

23,35 €
Color: pale yellow, orange. 
Chemical elements: silicon 
Meridians: spleen/pancreas, stomach, governor vessel
Chakras: sacral, navel, 3rd eye
Physical action: against digestive problems , 
Mental action: Against depression and melancholy,


23,35 €
Color: transparent
Chemical elements: silicon
Meridians: all 
Chakras: all 
Physical action: stimulates immune responses relieves migraines, 
Mental action: mental exhaustion, stimulates the healing process, 


23,35 €
Color: green
Chemical elements: aluminum, beryllium 
Meridians: lungs, liver, gall bladder Chakra: heart
Physical action: chronic skin problems, harmonizes the circulation 
Mental action: anti-stress,energizing rescue remedy, against emotional shock 


23,35 €
Color: red
Chemical elements: aluminum, iron
Meridians: heart, small intestine,
Chakra: root, sacral, navel
Physical action: stimulates the libido , major fatigue and anemia,
Mental action: strengthens personality, 


23,35 €
Color: indigo blue
Chemical elements: aluminum, sodium, sulfur
Meridians: kidneys, bladder
Chakras: throat, 3rd eye.
Physical action: skin problems (on the area),
Mental action: mental fatigue (3rd eye chakra), shyness,