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The 7 essential elixirs

Les Elixirs de Cristaux pour les dents ne sont pas des médicaments et ne peuvent pas se substituer à un avis médical et à un traitement médicamenteux


90,00 €
In the range of 25 gem elixirs, there are 7 essential gem elixirs:amethyst,citrine,rock crystal,emerald,garnet,lapis-lazuli, magnetite. 

To stimulate: Rock Crystal Elixir 
To soothe: Emerald Elixir 
Energizing rescue remedy: Emerald Elixir 
To relieve electromagnetic contamination: Magnetite Elixir

 ElixirPhysical ActionMental Action
 Amethystregenerates energy between seasons, potentiates detoxificationrebalancing the nerves, addiction problems
 Citrinestimulates the liver and pancreas, drains toxins from the bodychronique depression,stimulates the intellect and memory
 Rock Crystalpotent, cellular regenerator, potentiates all treatmentsstimulates the healing process, mental exhaustion
 Emeraldchronic skin problems, harmonizes the circulationenergizing rescue remedy in emotional shock, anti-stress
 Garnetstimulates libido, extreme tiredness and anemiastrengthens personality, gives willpower
 Lapis-lazuliregularizes sleep cycles, capillary and skin problemsmental fatigue, shyness, nerves. Facilitates communication
 Magnétiteprotects from and removes electromagnetic contamination, cellular regeneratorcarers'elixirs,brings inner strengh